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Stained Glass Panel - Ginkgo leaves

Stained Glass Panel - Ginkgo leaves

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This piece is gorgeous! Very delicate tones of copper blue and Salem green. Finished with black patina and lead. 8” across

Stained glass is a beautiful touch in any home or office. The play of light, shape, color and texture makes every space more special. Stained glass is the perfect choice for gifts too!

Lead warning: lead is dangerous, if INGESTED. Please don’t eat your stained glass! Wash your hands after prolonged handling. 👍🏼

Do not use Windex or any ammonia products to clean your stained glass. I recommend using a carnauba wax, but household Pledge will work too! Spray on, let it dry overnight. (By overnight, I mean Like 6-8 hours) Wipe clean with a soft cloth.

Do not use suction cups to hang stained glass. Or any glass. It will fall. Eventually.

Please let me know if you have any questions!! I hope you find something that you love 💕

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